Easy - Kamerin

original song by Kamerin.

"Queers Don't Cry" - El Rio, June 26th 2019


Cover of a song by Kevin Garrett. 4/11/19

Ending song - inkBoat's Second Storm

Last five minutes of “Second Storm” a performance put on by inkBoat Physical Theater & Dance as a part of Counterpulse Dance Festival: To Be Free.

”Second Storm is a work in development towards the creation of The Storm in My House, a multi-disciplinary (dance, music and installation) performance.

Along with members of Rova Saxophone Quartet, Second Storm is collaboratively created and performed by inkBoat, directed by Shinichi Iova-Koga. The theme is home: its absence, its presence, and the feeling of home as physical space, identity or culture.

Second Storm features Bruce Ackley, Steve Adams, Dana Iova-Koga, Megan Kurashige, Shannon Kurashige, Kamerin McDonald, Suki O'Kane and Amy Rathbone.

Grace Cathedral, SF. 3/16/19

At The Door (live) - Kamerin (feat. Sarah Bowman on cello)

Push Me (live) - Kamerin, (feat. Sarah Bowman on cello)

City On Hold (live) - Kamerin

Chäslager - Stans, Switzeralnd 9/19

At The Door - Kamerin

Chäslager - Stans, Switzerland 9/19

Half The World Away - Kamerin

Chäslager - Stans, Switzerland 9/19